Aciano CRM is one of our most comprehensive products with end-to-end customer relationship management automation, which includes the whole lead to sales process as well as using social channels to generate leads and create campaigns. The product is built on Dot Net framework and can significantly lower the cost of executing marketing and sales activities for any B2B and B2C organization. The product is available as Software-as-a-Service and has the capability to compete with any off-the-shelf CRM solution.  

You can import a bunch of data (read, thousands of records) into the system and use it to create a custom lead generation process or run a campaign for awareness, marketing or sales of your products and services. You can also design social media posts, email templates and landing pages and publish them as and when required.  

What does it do for the users? 
  • Marketing automation and campaign management  
  • Social media automation and analytics  
  • Template library  
  • Target market and lead generation  
  • Deal management  

If you are a business looking for a solution to automate and improve your sales and marketing processes, write to us at 

  • Web-based ACRM  
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Date: March 16, 2020