Content Management System

content management system

Simple Content Management

Aciano Technologies got a CMS product that facilitates you to manage/customize your site contents for each and every experience that your customers enjoy. It also facilitates you to showcase your product by different kinds of photos and videos to fascinate the visitors towards your business. We have made it really easy and secure for you to add or replace or delete anything from any area on your website.

Multi User Permissions

Our product allows CMS access to multiple team members owning the website with limited access to different parts of your product. It also allows assigning administrative or limited access to several team members. Its easy and secure for admin to allow others as an admin and all users will get their account settings where they can add/edit email address, change password and other facilities.


Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

Our CMS product also facilitates you to input the SEO data on your web, for example: Headings, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords and other more stuff. Now you do not need to open the code file and make changes there, it could be easily handle by our CMS application which will influence your product on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Ecommerce Functionality

Our ecommerce clients are also allowed to handle their online products and their payments through CMS. If you having a company with several products, obviously you will be needing to showcase them and sell them online which you can easily have it now with allot of convenient features for example: you can fluently add/edit any new or old product at any time, as well as their prices, descriptions, titles, contents, images and many more.


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM Standard

We develop our CRM to easily wrap everything which totally concern with your business and company requirements. It will be the best way beyond standard sales force automation for your business.

Enlighten your Customers

By usage of our CRM product you can simply keep tracking of consumers for your higher sales, marketing, customer support, promoting new products, announcing events and allot of more beneficial features related to your organization.

Customers Attention

Increase your Customers Attention

We work with an inclusive range of CRM products where our ample global experience across many industries can help your company’s needs to form a CRM program that will drive customer's attention, retention and cross-sell/upsell possibilities.

Manage your CRM

Structuring a compact CRM foundation is not an easy task. Companies must not only establish the best CRM tools for their businesses, but also must implement effective revolutionary management strategies to line up their team members and processes with customer relationship areas. Aciano Technologies can help your organization on a wide range of CRM activities, from sales management to marketing computerization to customer care and services.